mental-break-of-sillinessI caught myself recently being drawn to the epitome of trivia — toothpaste. I looked at that tube night after night and felt a growing challenge to get one more squeeze out if it. Could I do it one.. more.. time? This private competition with myself lasted a full week past the point when “sane” brushers would have tossed it.

My only defense for stooping so low for entertainment is having a brain that’s bulging at the seams. Thoughts just keep on coming. There’s so much to do and to think about, so many feelings to feel… all the time. My brain is continually juggling plans, ideas and emotions so that by bedtime I need to diffuse. Switching to nonsense is a relief. Dear Brain, Thank you.

This theory probably sounds like a silly notion, but a brain can only hold so much before it pushes back. Of course, I prefer this explanation to the alternative — creeping dementia!

In addition to what normally resides in my mind about daily routine, work, household and family, there’s information overload from the news, Google and social media. More and more I feel overwhelmed by all that’s swirling around me.

YouTube humor has always been my go-to for relief. “Toothpaste tubing” just adds a bit more of the silliness that gives me a mental break that constant stream of thoughts and information piling up in my head.

After that final squeeze, I proudly showed off my accomplishment to my husband, throwing down the gauntlet for the inevitable toothpaste challenge to come.

Would you ever have imagined I’d blog about toothpaste?