“You guys think too much!” It’s what my daughter-in-law proclaimed on Christmas morning. We’d finished a big breakfast and stayed at the table, as we always do, discussing whatever it was. Good conversations have always happened a lot in our family. She hopped up, spoke her piece, and started clearing away dishes so we could start opening gifts. It might have been the lure of opening presents, but maybe it was just too darn much talking for her. She is definitely a woman of action.
I’ve thought and laughed about her reaction every day since because she is right, and she is someone I really respect. I’m a pretty good listener most of the time — how else can you learn something new — but there are times when I talk too much. I know I do.
Don’t get me wrong, good conversation is like gold and what makes for great relationships. I’ve been writing for 10 years about how to de-stress by simplifying and doing less, but lots of my own stress is generated simply by my own thoughts, making big deals out of little deals. Or what used to be called making “mountains out of molehills.”
This brain has been on overload lately, and those monkeys just can’t jump from branch to branch fast enough. The in-basket on my desk is overflowing with notes, tasks and desires, and three items on the dry erase board have been there so long they won’t erase anymore. Everyday I’m torn between what needs to get done vs. what I really want to be doing. This critical mass is forming a choke hold as my “wants” slowly slip away.
I’ve been a devoted student of personal improvement all my life, but maybe this year there’ll be fewer mountains. In the end, a comfortable life for me is one of balance — a little thinking, a little talking, a little walking. It’s settled then – NY’s resolution for 2016: more action and less words… out of my mouth, in my head, and in my writing. [Blog word count: 342!]