When I wrote my first book 10 years ago, I didn’t dream it was the beginning of my own stress free-er path. I did it to help those other people, don’t ya know. wink wink. The response when it came out confirmed my observation that we’re all a little too uptight for our own good. Including me.
A Patchwork of Comforts: Small Pleasures for Peace of Mind is just what the name implies. The ways in which people comfort themselves are all patched together, offering you a pleasing picture for a calmer life. It’s all about what people do to relieve, and sometimes nurture themselves when their life gets overwhelming. The book is designed to take the sting out of even your worst day. People are cuddling, golfing, reading, writing, walking, watching and just plain doing nothing… all in the name of comfort. Some are even dancing! My fondest hope is that you’ll get some good ideas to integrate into your own lie. Reading about comforts, after all, should be comforting.
It was the leg jigglers and pen clickers in many of my classes that made me notice all those jangling nerves. This sparked the idea for a book that would help calm a few lives down a notch. Once the book was out, a natural transition was to offer regular reminders in the form of a blog, which I’ve been doing for almost 10 years now.
Sadly, leg jigglers have multiplied as lives got even busier and more complicated. The need to de-stress is greater than ever so I’m more motivated than ever to help people out of a whirlwind life. Electronic addiction has accelerated, along with so many things that add up to unhealthy lifestyles. Sitting for long periods and staring at a screen for one. Calories don’t just disappear by themselves! This faster pace is contagious and usually means putting the important stuff aside. Healthier eating, more exercise, and plenty of sleep fall by the wayside, but as my website suggests, “There’s a better way to go through life.”
I’ve discovered that downtime is vital to good health. More time to just plain think has done wonders for me. Keeping A Patchwork of Comforts laying around the house will be a great reminder to S-L-O-W-D-O-W-N. And, it makes the perfect gift for the coming holiday season.