Yesterday my new book, Emerging from the Heartache of Loss, was released. Gestation is over little one.  
It was during the promotion of my book, A Patchwork of Comforts, that I discovered the massive volume of people aching for words of comfort because of a loss they had experienced. I felt compelled to help. There are no fancy letters behind my name, but I’m a keen observer of human behavior. Getting inside your head is what I do, and writing about what I see there helps others to NOT feel so alone in their thoughts.   
It’s common to automatically relate the word “grief” with death, but experiencing grief isn’t only about losing those we care deeply about. Major losses of all kinds bring on the same stages of grief in some form. We all have to adjust when health turns sour, relationships change, finances plummet, or dreams disappear. Change happens. 
Coping with losses in life is a major stressor and something we all have in common. Like the common cold, there’s really no way around it. One thing became very clear during my research, there are no rules. No wrong way to react. It might seem frivolous in light of such sadness, but laughter offers relief and even one minute counts. I’ve heard from many grateful friends over the years after I sent them a humorous card in the midst of a really awful time. 
Emerging makes a meaningful gift to yourself or to someone you might know who is struggling with this heartache. My fondest hope is that it will feel uplifting in a time of great need. Colorful outside AND inside, each page offers ways of helping yourself and others through this time.