I love second chances and, in my mind, every Jan. 1st gives me one. It’s so appealing to start fresh, getting another chance to make life easier. If your life is grand already, you can hope that it continues into another year, and maybe tweak it some to make it even better. But if your life has been in the toilet, it gives you the chance to improve things.  “Hope springs eternal”, a phrase coined by Alexander Pope in 1733, describes this basic human condition. No matter how bad circumstances are, we can’t help hoping that better things are coming. Why else do we keep buying lottery tickets? 
Instead of a laundry list of resolutions —aka good intentions —I’m picking just one again this year. Actually, the same one I picked last year but failed miserably.(substitute reading for TV watching after dinner). I’m hopeful this one decision will lead to more because seeing something work is great motivation to continue. Admit it, seeing that bicep grow pretty much guarantees that you’ll continue to pump! 
My New Year’s wish is that you’ll take the time to re-evaluate a few things in your own life and open your mind to change. Staying stuck in ways that might not be working anymore doesn’t leave room for improvement. Life will surely remain “same ole same ole.” And since it takes time to assimilate a new habit, picking little things to start is proof that you’re moving life in the right direction… and that you are at least capable of change. Ruts creep up so slowly that you don’t even know you’re in one so the important part is to start.
Any “good intentions” of your own?