I know you can’t all do this, but hear me out. It’s something that I never thought would work myself. I had a favorite oil painting of my aunt’s years ago and no where to hang it in the house. It finally got hung it on the porch so visitors could then enjoy it when they rang the bell. Little did I know. 15 years in the elements has not harmed it one bit, and all it needs is a dusting every year. I recently moved and it fits nicely on my new porch, this time opposite the kitchen window so it’s visible from the sink. Visitors over the years have been amazed and welcomed by my porch art. Maybe you have something similar to welcome your guests with, or to perk up the otherwise mundane task of washing dishes. (Not a delicate watercolor, of course.) There is now something that makes me smile every morning when I open my blinds. I’ll be trying another piece out in the protected part of the back patio next.