Have you ever had a bad day? When you couldn’t smile if your life depended on it? Then something happened to turn your mind around? What a miracle machine our minds are.
My brain worked this magic recently and I’m grateful. Yesterday — from beginning to end — the blackest of moods. I think the correct word for it would be “in a funk.” A big fat F-U-N-K. Then, in the midst of my pity-party, I remembered a commitment I had made weeks before. Surely that isn’t tonight! I put on my shoes, retrieved my smile and pretended all was well. Thankfully, I didn’t have to pretend for long. 
My date was with a close friend who sang in a choir that was dear to her heart so it was important that I go to “bring a buddy night.” Her buddy being me. Sitting around a room-sized circle, two deep, while this community choir clapped and chanted and sang for 30 min. gripped my funk and tossed it aside like the old news it was. By the time cookies and conversation rolled around with this energetic group, my mind had reversed course. The mere presence of smiles, good moods and music snapped me back. Something my husband was grateful for, I’m sure. It could have been the music, but I suspect it really was all the warm hearts who extended themselves to me. 
Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, by my own brain really. 100 thoughts, 100 things to do. 100 emotions. When conditions are ripe, my brain just can’t take it anymore and shuts down. But I’m surprised how little it takes to break up a bad or sad mood. Sometimes just a friendly face or brief conversation. Besides music, for me it’s that people contact that interrupts those “pity party” thoughts. And once my old self returns, positive thoughts also come flooding back. As if ideas backed up in the queue while I was on pause. 
My relief and turnaround this week is all about the fleeting funks that everyone experiences, not about the ongoing depression or prolonged sadness that can’t be cleaned up with a night of conversation or music.  Serious stuff needs serious help. 
Whenever I feel my mood going south, nipping it in the bud works pretty good. I try to find a smile or maybe a tune or two. I just read — for the umpteenth time — how people with the most positive attitude live the longest. I’m still a work in progress, but determined to beat my mom, who lived to 98. YES!