Even people who live in Hawaii get bored with what we’re all flocking to experience. Apparently, dreamy weather isn’t… when it’s constant. Maybe that why Casual Fridays got started and took hold. That break from having to look a certain way every day was great for office morale.  
The big breaks — weekends, summer vacations, the Greek Isles, day spas — are significant, but I think it might be the small ones that can make the biggest difference.  
My awareness of “the rut” started when we had more money. Every Wed. was out to dinner and something I looked forward to all week. It broke the kitchen routine and meant freedom to this mother of two. I relied on it. 
Since then, I’ve found other ways to alleviate boredom and to keep resentment from building up. To keep faithful to fitness, I never do the same thing in a row. Mon. I walk to the left, Tues. to the right. Mon. is upper body workout, Tues. is lower and so on. I discovered in the beginning that boredom kills the incentive to exercise regularly. Endless counting made me crazy. Foodwise, healthy eating is interrupted by a syrupy waffle and bacon every Sat. morning. I change hairstyles occasionally so I don’t have to look at the same exact face day in and day out. I brush my teeth peacefully on Sat. nights.
Long story short. The dentist insists on electric toothbrushes. I resisted this for a long time because, apparently, I’m not coordinated enough to avoid conking nearby teeth on a regular basis. Oooh, that rat-a-tat on my enamel gives me the willies. I value my teeth, so came up with a solution: scheduling a break. Now on Sat. nights I revert to the old days, with quiet toothbrush in hand and teeth safe from reverberation. That one day of relief is keeping me plugged in to my plaque! Are you listening Dr. Giswold?    
Sameness is numbing. Boredom can lead to fatigue, frustration, disappointment and dread of the day ahead. Breaking routine gives you something to look forward to and helps keep humdrum away. Funny thing about habits, do it long enough and it fades into the the background of your brain. Then one day, you just can’t stand to cook dinner one more time. And you don’t even realize why. I’m just sayin…..
Lots of changes in life are out of our control, thrust on us to cope with as best we can. But interrupting “sameness” by making small changes is something we can do for ourselves that makes life easier. It’s the little things.  
Are you ever bored? What do you do to relieve it?