Our annual celebration of the most important thing in the world is coming, Love. I’ve sometimes struggled over the years to see past the Valentine’s Day profit margin of selling candy, flowers and restaurant tables, and to focus on the message. But now I love that love is being advertised and think it worthy of hoopla! Sometimes I need that extra emphasis as a reminder, just in case I’ve started taking any relationships in my life for granted.
Sweethearts everywhere yearn to receive tangible proof from their beloveds, but sometimes it feels just as good to give love as to get it. Remember that the more love you give your sweetie, the more they give to you. So do yourself a favor….
The emphasis on romance this week is just part of the story. We dearly love our children, grandchildren, grandparents, parents, siblings, and best friends, and even though the people you cherish might already know how you feel — and they might not — it feels mighty good to be reminded. Letting them know how much they mean to you gives them reassurance that you care. A few words on a card, a call, a visit, email, texting or tweets all say I’m thinking about you. And it feels wonderful to hear this.
Media hype insists we couple, which can make those without family, friends or loving relationships to celebrate feel extra lonely as the sea of red hearts start to close in this week. A single friend told me once that Valentine’s Day was the worse day of his life. Maybe you can think of a neighbor or someone you know who would appreciate a personal pick-me-up. Receiving love is wonderful, but giving it out is powerful and a welcomed uplift from the everydayness of life.