I’ve been reevaluating the busyness that fills my days lately and realize that my priorities have somehow rearranged themselves. Next month’s celebration of Motherhood is just the event to set me straight again, to cut and paste “family” back at the top of my page so I can spend more time with my husband and children. Maybe you’re like me and need to consider making the same decision. If possible, and if you still have a relationship with your mom, connect with her on May 13th so she knows for sure you’re thinking of her. If you’re a mom, celebrate yourself for your most spectacular achievement so far–making another human being or two. Then, do whatever you love to do for the day. If you’re a dad, make sure your wife takes a recess from her responsibilities and just plays. Above all, don’t let her cook! Getting your consideration will mean the world. Remember that “A Patchwork of Comforts” is a terrific book to give your mom for Mother’s Day. It’s comforting, entertaining, and will give her some great relaxation ideas to try out.