This coming weekend marks the end of summer in my mind and I mourn it every year. Packing away shorts and tee shirts is always a bit agonizing. True, Sept. can be sunny, but there’s always this shift in my brain, “Now I have to get down to business.” The freedom that summer vacation meant when I was 13 is, apparently, still buried in there someplace.
That shift in seasonal perception is automatic in homes with children because talk turns to school clothes and homework schedules and curfews. But that transition from summer vacation to the school year is different for those of us without children in the house; changes in our seasons revolve mostly around rotating clothes and watering schedules. It’s so easy to get out of touch with the kid world when your own leave home. The school world fades, until one day you’re surprised to see a school bus in front of you. Oh yeah, school.
Pretty soon thoughts slowly turn to Halloween costumes, turkey gatherings, and mail order catalogues. Even though I mourn the disappearance of shorts from my drawer, I try hard to be positive about the change by concentrating on the absolute beauty that autumn brings: orange, yellow, red and gold trees. And if I’m lucky, I will catch some of that color dancing in a swirl of wind. Spectacular.
If you feel a certain dread when your favorite season winds down, no matter what the season, try my own mental trick by repeating, “Oh boy, a new season. Change is a good thing.” Say it more than once if you have to. Consider rotating tablecloths or bedspreads. That’s always been pretty good stress therapy in my house because it helps to mentally welcome the new season. Since changing colors often changes the feeling of the whole room, both are little signals of a new beginning and readies my brain for change. Accepting change without whining about it — again — makes my life a whole lot easier. Resistance is, of course, futile.
How about you? Do you have a favorite season?