Avoiding the subject of politics this week is tough for me. I’ve got it on my mind… a lot. However, in keeping with my blogging vow to uplift instead of bitch, I have no choice but to try and avert my attention to the “glass-is-half-full perspective. It ain’t easy, but I’m giving it a shot.

As humans, we all have these things in common: our lives are defined by what we do, how we think, and what we put up with. And, we all want to be happy. To that end, even if you cannot change the circumstances of a situation, you can probably change your perception of those circumstances. Seeing life from someone else’s point of view often opens your eyes to new possibilities or, at the very least, gives you a momentary break by calming anger and frustration. A new, more positive direction for your life might even emerge. Periodic attitude adjustments fine-tune our operating systems and keep us current.

Friends are great for presenting a new perspective for you to consider. An example: Suppose you’re worried or nervous about something, and when you share your anxiety with a friend, they say, “Wow that sounds like a great adventure.” What? This surprising response lets you suddenly see the situation from another point of view and it transforms that feeling of dread to one of excitement and joy.

Personally, a good night’s sleep works wonders for my perspective. Life should be enjoyed, not merely endured.