Do you watch while the blank spaces in your home automatically fill up over the years? This spawning is so gradual that you hardly notice until…. bam, you’re surrounded by “stuff”. In trying to find a couple of AA batteries in the junk drawer last week, I came across a clever hand held device I bought 8 years ago to shave those little pills off a favorite sweater. Now I ask you, who REALLY needs this? Multiply this find times 100 and…. you see the problem. Experts say that the clutter surrounding you every day is stealing the energy you need to live a better life. I know downsizing is hard. I’ve tried it before. Letting go of possessions is a mental tug-o-war, but worth it. I started small, with one drawer, but I feel better already. When I closed that organized drawer I felt like taking a deep breath. See for yourself.