A recent trip to the mall reminded me once again of what serious business the Season has turned into. Having to face what the holiday spirit means to merchants is always so disheartening. The mass of grim faces I see means many of us see “giving” as joyful as a tooth extraction. Several years ago I gave myself an attitude adjustment which reduced the pressure to buy buy buy, bake bake bake. If Dec. equals pressure in your life, consider cutting back the misery you’ve made for yourself. Bake only your family’s favorites, try to personalize your gift giving more, and pare down the house decorating. Shifting your focus might muffle the hoopla.
Don’t forget that books make great holiday gifts, and A Patchwork of Comforts is perfect for a busy someone or a great relaxation idea for yourself. If you crave some comfort and a chuckle, pick it up at your favorite bookstore or at Amazon.com.