My husband and daughter
having coffee together

Halloween is a perfect time to exploit your not-so-serious-side. When I look back at my life, lots of stress would have been avoided if I hadn’t taken myself so seriously. Lightening up is difficult when there are so many decisions to make every day, but here’s a simple – surprising – way to get started: PAJAMAS. Relief, then relaxation, is instant when you shed everything that binds at the end of the day.(Ladies, think elastic!!!) A relaxed face smiles more. A relaxed brain lets down its guard.

Pajama lesson #1: Make sure they are “presentable” so you don’t look homeless… in your home. (Be kind to the family who has to look at you!) The more you get used to functioning around the house in pjs, the more you’ll think of them as a critical part of your wardrobe. The space assigned to my pajamas has gradually increased over the years. From wadded up in the corner somewhere, to a whole drawer filled with a variety of good choices for the day, or the occasion. It’s a habit that’s hard to develop, but there’s no going back once it sticks.
Pajama lesson #2: Make sure to add silly to that drawer; laughing helps you relax even more than taking off your underwear. As you can see, ridiculous pajama bottoms automatically add whimsy to your life, and thrift shops are full of wild choices guaranteed to make you and your family smile. Retail is OK, but thrifting is more fun. Silly at home is essential since most adults are too self-conscience to display their playful side in public.
I invite you to consider pajamas like you’ve never considered pajamas before. Changing into this comfort at the end of the day might just be the key to lowering the stress level that keeps you awake at night. The pajama-habit is cheap and a good beginning.