Grateful hardly describes how I feel about my life. All it takes is a shot of reality from the news every morning, where one horrific event after the other plays out for days of probing drama by Hollywooded journalists.
I was horrified to the core… again… by the depth of human rage and suffering I saw this week in Charleston, and vow never ever ever to complain again… about anything. Was it just last week that I was cursing facebook for broadcasting my likes and dislikes to markets the world over? Was it just yesterday that I clenched my teeth through a marathon phone menu wait? I am ashamed.
The phrase “Ignorance is Bliss” is naive but true. I like knowing stuff, and I hate knowing stuff. Is it really better to know everything about everything? Do I really want to get sucked into that google clicking vortex where I’m literally mesmerized by more and more information? Maybe just a little ignorance is OK after all!
My general rule in writing my blog is to be positive and uplifting. Well, I just couldn’t do it this week. Discouragement got the better of me. Sorry. When it all seems too crazy, I just step back into my own little world and step outside to water my sunflowers. (The puny 2” sprouts that I started in my new yard don’t compare yet to the glorious patch I had on Whidbey Island, but soon.) I guess ignorance IS bliss, after all.