Good news for those who like reading their books on electronic devices. My first book, A Patchwork of Comforts, is now out in eBook format. Personally, I’m still stuck on holding that collection of pages in my lap. There’s just something about the feel of a book and flipping through paper pages that still feels right to me. However….. life goes on.
I wrote Patchwork to help people who seem overwhelmed by the life they’re leading. Designed to help them discover a saner, more balanced and satisfying life, it’ll take the sting out of even the worst day. Major stressors can be sudden and life changing, but, generally, tension inches it’s way into our lives so slowly that we often don’t realize it’s building up. And, eventually ruling us. Patchwork offers a lighthearted look at the common, and sometimes surprising, ways people comfort themselves when they feel frazzled and need a break. People are cuddling, golfing, praying, walking, watching, and just plain doing nothing… all in the name of comfort.
Two little excerpts from my website that offer a taste of what’s inside:
Friendship — Best friends feel safe because we know they’ll still like us when they find out “how we really are.” Bath — A hot soak slows body and brain to a crawl, winding a day of hassles down to zero. Warm water surrounds every muscle, as if Mother Nature herself were cuddling it and saying “Relax, everything’s all right now.”
Best of all, it’s easy reading and guaranteed to bring a smile… to yourself, a love, a friend or family.
Do you have a favorite comfort?