“Is this your usual blood pressure?” The nurse was asking because my numbers were so low — 97/63. I suppose good news isn’t ordinary in doctor’s offices.
I’ve just had my annual wellness check and, whereas my BP has never been high, it’s never been this low. Not only that, the labs indicate that the good cholesterol (HDL) is a number to be celebrated. Both these results made me very happy and spurred me on to the dermatologist, where a skin check revealed nothing to worry about or get frozen, burned or biopsied. Hallelujah!
My wonderful little car gets timely maintenance checks, and I try to do the same for the other vehicle in my life — my body. This year’s maintenance “week”, or body pit stop, ended in the dentist’s chair. A good cleaning and exam showed that no new procedures had to be scheduled. The dentist is my least favorite place to go so I couldn’t help smiling, which they love, of course. I’m guessing they’re used to grimaces instead.
I’d like to think that such good news is, in part, the result of two new things in my life, yoga and meditation. Working them into full blown habits has been a challenge, but health reports like these totally make it worth it. Taking a structured yoga class doesn’t work for me, so I do it at home on my own time and IN MY PAJAMAS. A couple of individual sessions with the instructor provided a customized routine, along with photos of myself in the poses which serve as great prompts until memory kicks in.
I truly want meditation to be a normal part of my days, but so far intention is far exceeding action. The problem is not the time it takes, but trying to remember something new. Maybe a bright pink post-it note on the bathroom mirror and refrigerator door will help.
Knowing my body is in good working has always been a satisfying way to begin the spring season. And if it’s not quite up to snuff, just finding out where I stand is a relief. Sort of lifts my spirits to match the mood of popping daffodils and cherry blossoms.