Here’s a little trick that offers a big reward. When my children were about 8 and 12, I started stashing  a 10 or 20 dollar bill every week in an envelop… in a beautiful box… in the back of my underwear drawer. After a year or so, I called everyone to the kitchen table and splayed my bills across the table. explaining what I’d secretly done for the past year and that now we got to decide how we wanted to spend it. It felt like free money by now and was a gift to us all! The glee on my children’s faces, and the astonishment on my husband’s, is vivid even today. I remember so well the secret satisfaction of filling that envelop, especially the times when I got to exchange the small bills for 100’s. Just a painless, squirrelly, idea on lightening up your life. Any amount works the same magic.