It dawned on me this Independence Day how dependent I’ve been… on what others think. After weeding all week in my closet, and after filling my third bag with rejects and seeing what was left, a light bulb went off. See if this fits for you, too. Apparently, I’ve been dressing myself according to how I looked instead of in what I really liked. So much time trying to juggle what was fashionable, what colors I looked best in, what style covered what I wanted covered and so on. The truth is my favorite clothes are seldom “in”. Stores categorize them as activewear. True, I’ll always look like I’ve just been working out, but I’m happiest in those soft, stretchy comfortable fabrics. (Writing a book about comforts should have given me a clue!) Of course, most of us don’t have a choice in work clothes, but try looking at your closet through new eyes to test if it ONLY has clothes that “look” right. It might alter your next shopping trip or… eliminate it all together.