I spent the day last Friday watching this amazing feat. I’ve occasionally seen manufactured homes lumbering down the freeway before, but watching the process from beginning to end — with an actual house — was an eye opener. Shore up interior walls… jack off foundation… strategically and precisely place enormous dollies… hook to trailer hitch… pray. (Not them, me) Seeing a whole house move off its foundation takes your breath away. Oooh, the creaking. Walking backward in front of this load with a group of neighbors made me feel like we should be carrying a banner designating the next parade entry. The small house filled the entire street and had to inch its way past protruding tree limbs, mail boxes, and occasional garbage cans. This seasoned operator then maneuvered his load 90° into a the slot four blocks away that was designated for a little guest cottage.
As the contractor recounted to us the ginormous house he had moved once — to the cheers of a crowd he described as 1000 strong — it began to feel like anything’s possible. You can’t move mountains, but this seemed mighty close.
My over-reaction would seem naive to anyone who’s worked around heavy equipment before, but I love that I can still be awed. I have always believed that old dogs can learn new tricks, and we all know by know now that aging brains NEED the stimulation of new information and experiences to stay healthy.
So many times I’ve passed up a chance at something new because it seemed like too much trouble at the time. It’s always easier to stay on course I guess, but now I wonder how much I’ve missed out on by being too rigid and… BORING. Luckily, 9-5 work doesn’t dominant my life anymore so I can flex for important stuff. But the idea of “seizing opportunities” applies whatever box your life is in at the moment.
Golden opportunities can float right by when, like me, you’re mostly locked into “what has to get done.” That tunnel focus probably means you won’t even recognize one unless it hits you in the face. Even then…
Fortunately, now that I know better, I can do better. I love being on the lookout for ways to improve my lot and, especially, possibilities for potential wow-ment.
This week’s LifeTweak: Expose yourself.