I know, I know. I’m like a dog working a favorite old bone. My bone? “Get rid of your stuff.” I repeat this subject because it’s so important to the quality of your life. I rank it third behind a good night’s sleep, good eats, and exercise. Or, could be because my own stuff never seems to go away for long. I worry that it breeds. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t have more than they actually use, so I know it’s hard to subtract. A nap looks mighty good after the mental drain of the decision-making it takes to “let go” of all your beloved stuff. But think about the many reasons that make de-cluttering worthwhile: Recycling to others via thrift shops and gifting is a way of giving back; Storage spaces aren’t as crammed and jammed; There’s less dust to breathe in and to remove; Finding something is easier; More elbow room around your living space is freeing; And, most importantly, the mental lift is surprising.