I needed some advice on a health issue lately and referred to a book I had. The information didn’t quite sound right until I looked at the publication date. Yikes, 10 years ago. It got me thinking about all the books I’ve automatically added to my bookcase over the years. Once I read a book, I wedge it into the correct section on the shelf with a promise to myself to re-read it someday. But mostly it just takes up space, looking nice, and providing a convenient surface for dust to collect.  I suspect that most households, like mine, count the bookcase as a single piece of furniture rather than a hundred pieces of clutter. You know by now that clutter is my enemy, sooo….. It felt so good to finally cull the shelves, keeping only those books that I’m sure to open again or that I just love too much to part with. Consider getting rid of YOUR dead wood! Filling a box for the thrift shop or library’s sale keeps the joy of reading alive; your discards can be somebody else’s affordable treasures. AND you won’t believe the dust you’ll find.