When my son was young I occasionally saw the floor of his room. Out of the blue I’d be confronted by this unusual sight, and my son announced that he’d be been bitten by the “tidy-bug”. I occasionally get these urges myself and am amazed by how much lighter I feel, as if the number of possessions I have is directly connected to the number of anxieties I might be juggling at the time. Do yourself a favor; get rid of some stuff. If you don’t love it, or if you don’t need it… someone else might. Rooms feel larger with fewer decorations, and you’ll be able to find things faster when drawers and cupboards aren’t brimming. Feng Shui demands we do it to increase energy flow in our homes and to de-clutter our brains. Practically speaking, though, think of the dust, which will surely find its way to your nose eventually.