‘Scuse me for being excited. In two days I embark on my very first cruise and my lack of stress and frenetic planning is, in fact,  freaking my husband out. Why, just now hit me: It’s the first vacation ever where the responsibility of the planning wasn’t up to me. This miracle happened because we were invited to accompany someone else on their vacation. This relief, along with knowing I won’t have to make any decisions (or cook) for an entire week, is just now sinking in and reminds me of something I’ve believed for a long time: it’s the zillion decisions in our lives that are killing us. In fact, a morning of decisions back-to-back sometimes requires a nap around here. Try this experiment: plan a day without ANY decisions and see how it feels. I swear its the constant deciding what to do, what to buy, what to say, etc. that silently feeds our stress levels. If a day can’t happen for you without them, maybe you can trade off that burden with someone else in your household. Once you feel that relief, you’ll know that something in your life needs to change. Good luck.