Could it be I’ve come down with a case of BBF, Blogging Brain Freeze? Or maybe wisdom has its own timeline. As life gets more complicated, I spend more and more time trying to make every single part of my life simpler. These thoughts are running through my head as I wonder what to write about next and after vacillating a dozen times between topics, I decided to just write down what’s going on inside my own head.

It’s been 17 years and 459 posts now, but we didn’t call it “blogging” in the beginning. My first book had just been published, and I was anxious to impart my brand of wisdom so others could start enjoying their lives more. My name, after all, is Wiseman. Eliminating stress was my key to everything, and I was tired of sitting next to all those leg jugglers and pen clickers. You know what I’m sayin’.

For the first five years, I collected names — everyone I knew and had ever known — and every week emailed one brief paragraph of insight and advice, Comfort Clues, to individual addresses. The simplicity of this process was on purpose because simplifying their lives along with mine was the goal. Short was sweet… short is still sweet. Amusing to note the name change, from Comfort Clues to today’s Weeding out the Crap. ha!

But that was then. You might have guessed by now that the complexities of blogging are getting to me. The line between what’s important in my own head and what readers would be interested in is a fine one, and differentiating between the two is often difficult. But writing isn’t the only consideration. There’s computer literacy to consider: WordPress know-how, search engine stuff, and social media savvy. I might not be up to it all!

Oh, my brain is still a busy one, with ideas coming and going all the time. No problem there! But one cannot just publish any old thing. The point is “remembering your audience.” This is the first question you have to ask yourself when you first decide to write publicly. Will what you have to say be relevant to readers? In other words, will anyone buy the book you’re putting your heart and soul into?

Sometimes a perfect idea will float by and I write four pages before realizing it’s turned to rambling that’s veered from the original topic in as many pages. I have opinions about most everything so mind-dumping is easy, but after catching myself and slashing paragraphs, I wonder if readers will care a whit. Reality check: perhaps not.

I’ve become a pro at re-evaluating all the corners of my life and have altered most of them. Everything from weeding out junk drawers, to switching out old habits, interests, and even up-dating many points of view. Danger: Clinging to old ideas can lead to curmudgeonism. Being stuck in a rut is easy to slip into and no way do I want to end up there!

Happy to report that now I’ve blogged about blogging, I’m feeling better about it all. Putting thoughts on paper, as always, is a good therapy. Re-evaluating my circumstance… stay tuned.