Here’s a hint for a better night’s sleep: dim lighting is sooo soothing. You’ll be amazed at how the atmosphere changes in the bathroom when you stop using the overhead light. I’ve been candlelighting it for years, but what I noticed recently is how different my mood is if I keep it lit  beyond my bath, for toweling off and getting jammies on. That barely lit bathroom automatically calms me down. So by the time I hit the bed, mind and body are both super relaxed. Candlelight and bath go nicely together, but so could a shower, you know where your body parts are, right? Try a tiny lamp in the bathroom. You might have to tack up a little shelf by the plug, but it’s worth it. Right now I have a string of white mini-lights around my mirror, and all I have to do is touch the wire to turn them on. Great bath lighting if candles aren’t your thing.