In light of the coming National Day of Eating (a.k.a. Thanksgiving) I’m passing on a hint that a Feng Shui consultant gave me once. Kitchens are seldom built out-of-the-way; often we have to walk by them to get to other parts of the house as they suck us in with the promise of satisfying any cravings or mental hunger we’re grappling with at the time. If you’re watching your calories and can’t avoid passing the kitchen every time you walk into the house, try hanging a piece of vivid art work before you get to the kitchen. It will deflect your attention long enough for you can get past the food room. Planting a distraction might sound silly, but it can actually help you from being lured in every time, whether you’re hungry or not. Just a helpful thought in preparation for what’s ahead. After this, I promise, no more food talk.