It started with 3 tuna cans and a recycling nudge from the town I live in. I was in a hurry one night and didn’t feel like washing the cans out. They’d really stink up the recycle bag if I didn’t, so all 3 went into the garbage. That was 5 days ago, and I’m still feeling that guilty twinge. To clarify, I live on an island where recycling is crucial for long term livability. You might say that my tuna incident is what pushed me into registering for the island’s annual environmental workshop next month, whereI passed on “Creosote Awareness”, opting instead for “Living in Harmony with Nature”. This is just my little wake up call; if your town doesn’t support recycling, you can always start by putting less into your garbage can, like using cloth napkins instead of paper. Granted, washing out cans won’t make your kitchen life any easier, but doing something for the planet–no matter where you live on it–might help you feel better about yourself.