I’ve tried everything. Garage sales, classifieds, Craig’s List, friends, and in the end… endless storage in the garage. And I discovered long ago that my children don’t really want my “leftovers,” no matter how wonderful I think they are. There is no doubt, releasing stuff you no longer need is hard, but I harp on de-cluttering because there’s no denying the mental health benefits of simplifying your environment. A friend’s comment this week hit me, “I consider donating to the thrift shop as doing my part in giving back to the community. It’s my charity contribution.” I’ve always loved thrift stores. Whereas I’ve always been grateful for the great stuff someone else donated, when it comes to parting with something I no longer need, I’m forever trying to get some money back. But think about it. If you paid $235 for a desk 20 years ago, you got to use it for $11.75 per year. If you apply this thinking to everything, just think how much easier it’ll be to let someone else enjoy it for 20 more. Try looking around. Maybe you can give back, while making your own life simpler.