I’m resisting the urge to write about something connected to the holidays; you’ll be saturated soon enough. However, this IS a good time of year to practice “being yourself”. This may sound odd, but more and more I realize how much in life we do just for show. Even my sample list is long: decorating our homes just for company, making sure our outfits match when we leave the house, never letting anyone see us without lipstick, stifling our tears when we feel sad, being polite at all costs… or buying too many gifts for our children at Christmas. Maybe we’re afraid people wouldn’t like us if they knew how we “really were”. Anyway, this season is easy for me. I don’t like kitchen work and have decided a while back to stop all that mandatory baking. Think about what you do that you really don’t want to be doing and consider a change of your own. Even a mental change will alter the way you see the world.