For sure not giving this one up!

I’ve donated bushels of clothes over the years, but this time was different. My latest dent in downsizing took me instead to the women’s consignment shop downtown, Re•volve.

You wouldn’t think one would need an appointment for this, much less wait two weeks for it, but times change. Covid happened. Now my two weeks were up and I was watching a young woman thoroughly inspect each piece. I had the urge to offer her a magnifying glass, but held back. Items must be in perfect condition AND up-to-date. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate their pickiness when I shop there, but to watch her add things to the “no” pile was disheartening.

Carol’s Bag O’ Mistakes — the short list:

♣ Black skirt with ruffles that tiered down from waist to hem. Surprise, surprise, adding inches to your lower half is not always a good look! Worn once. My thinking: perfect for the hip movement of latin dance.

♣ Sheer, black long-sleeve blouse smattered with hundreds of red lips in kissing position. My thinking: perfect for a Valentine Day dance. Never happened.

♣ Double breasted black vest. Classy. Hung 10 years in the corner of my closet because of its cuteness. Too tight. Never worn. My thinking: I’d look mighty fine in that!

♣ Black knit jacket. Couldn’t pass it up because it was 1/2 price. This “bargain” was a size too small. Turns out I have monkey arms.

♣ Sparkly, black evening top still waiting for that special occasion. Lots of things in there are waiting for the “right” occasion. ha.

♣ Yummy green athletic zip-up. Fits so perfectly that I couldn’t wear anything under it. And when do you wear a jacket without a shirt underneath? My thinking: love that color.

♣ A trendy little “useless” bag that I bought on a whim. Never used.

Lessons learned. She chose four of the seven items I brought in (vest, jacket, bag, zip-up), but I WILL NOT PUT THE REJECTS BACK IN MY CLOSET!

Downsizing the Load Gives You Room to Breathe

Culling possessions has been on my mind for about two years now. Downsizing has been my mantra. It takes more time for my brain to make these decisions than I ever imagined, especially for the clothes I so lovingly chose. It’s a mystery why I’m so reckless and impulsive when faced with new stuff. I love the color, never mind it’s a little snug. I love the style, never mind its sleeves are too short. And what about those turtlenecks that choke you when you bend your head down?

That I have things hanging in my closet that I’ve never worn is crazy, except you can’t always tell it doesn’t fit quite right until you wear it for a couple hours. With such whacky criteria, I’ve come home before with “fabulous” jackets, but only if I don’t lift my arms. Lots of things are perfect if you don’t move!


Save: Every dancer needs a red dress on tap.

My biggest hurdle is the “dance” closet, which is filled with clothes I bought with dancing on my mind. Fun clothes that were perfect for movement: Twirly skirts, stretchy dresses, and sequined shrugs. Lots of black because black goes with everything.

Times change and I’ve changed. What I thought was good then, isn’t anymore because my body’s different and, face it, I’ve just changed my mind.

Maybe it’s just plain greed that keeps me adding to an already overflowing closet. Or maybe it’s because I love the idea of endless recycling and the adventure of treasure hunting! Oh, and I get bored easily.

Weeded out this week: Six pieces of clothing = 6 empty hangers and 8” of closet space. I get an A+ for this week!