’ve fought it for years but giving it up at last. I’m finally listening to my own brain as far as how to dress everyday. You actually can teach an old dog new tricks, so the mental tug o’ war is over. Lucky me, I have a choice because I don’t have to go off to work every morning. The urge to conform to the norm, looking a certain “expected” way, has been strong all my life. This has meant, basically, dressing for everyone else but myself when I’m not in the work mode. The truth is I love everything casual, especially in clothes. Casual is friendlier. Soft and comfortable, and definitely more approachable. Lady shoes hurt. Hose are hot. And the fabrics of “nice” clothes are often stiff and ill fitting. Maybe this description fits you. Even if you’re the opposite and love to dress up, you might be stuck in that pleasing-everyone-but-yourself frame of mind. Consider giving yourself permission to simply be yourself. And what you choose to put in your closet is a great way to start. I can still look nice in a casual kind of way, right?