This year I want to reach beyond my own little world of the U.S. Thanksgiving. I once attempted, naively, to stop at Safeway the day before turkey day. Ohmigosh, I never dreamed the enormity of it all. Imagine that huge parking lot completely full… and inside? The food frenzy rendered me speechless. Since then, I’ve been mulling over this “much ado” and have finally started changing my mindset about the whole thing. My little town happens to have a giant potluck on this day. The food will be way better than I could ever conjure up, and more voices always enhances the celebration. I’ve known lots of women who dread this time of year because of the pressure to cook up a feast for a table full of family and friends. The pressure to conform is huge. When you make plans this month, consider simplifying your life by weaning your social circle on to a new way… maybe by volunteering at, or participating in, a public gathering. It’ll mean much less kitchen work and might even allow the “thanks” to creep back into the day.