Please take note. I am not a kitchen person. I do not do extended recipe chatter. I am not a foodie. That being said, I do pay attention to anything that makes this necessity easier because de-stressing this part of my life seems essential for sanity. It makes sense that the more time we spend in the kitchen, the more calories we’re likely to pack in, so my aim to to get out of there as fast as I can. I recognize that this thinking is in the minority, but since food plays such a big part in so many lives, I feel compelled to write about it occasionally.
     Here are two creations that have simplified kitchen work around my house: one is for leftover fish, the other for those kindred souls whose families also cringe at broccoli. (My husband here grimaces at the mere mention.) I always knew these tiny broccoli trees were exceptionally good for us, so we forced them down for years under a variety of camouflage sauces. Then I invented BROCCOLI TOMATO DISGUISE:) Steam broccoli for 2 min., cool. Cut into small chunks and combine in a bowl with cutup tomatoes, mushrooms, cashews and feta. Toss with Balsamic dressing (1/2 c olive oil, 3/8 c rice vinegar, 1/8 c balsamic vinegar, one crushed garlic clove). 
     FISH SALAD SURPRISE:) Combine cold cutup fish in a bowl with cooled rice, peas, and maybe cashews. Toss with the same dressing as above. Both are cold, like salad, and very yummy. Whenever we have fish now, we buy extra so there’s enough left over for this quick fish dish later in the week. Especially good with Salmon. Keep in mind that I believe, in my heart of hearts, that feta and Balsamic vinegarette go on literally everything. The fridge is never without them! 
     As with all recipes, substitute, delete, or add favorites at will. Once you get in the Vinegarette Habit, you’ll start tossing all sorts of leftovers into a bowl for easy, one-dish meals. Just one more baby step toward simplifying your life.