The transition from summer vacation to the school year is different for those of us without children; changes in our seasons revolve mostly around rotating clothes. Activities will soon start filling the calendar, and thoughts will slowly turn to Halloween costumes, turkey gatherings, and mail order catalogues. Even though tee shirts and shorts is MY outfit of choice, I try to be positive about the change. If you feel a certain dread when your favorite season winds down, try my own mental trick by repeating, “Oh boy, a new season. Change is a good thing.” Say it more than once if you have to. Rotate tablecloths to welcome the new season into your home, watch out for school buses, and DON’T, I beg you, fill every calendar square with activities and obligations like you did last year. Those of you outside our US calendar might not identify with our Labor Day weekend, but you get the idea. Resistance to change is, of course, futile.