Emerging from Loss

Emerging from the Heartache of Loss:

How to Survive Grief and Start Living Again

emerging-from-griefThe most healing, reassuring words a fragile heart can hear is, “It won’t always be this way. You won’t always feel like this.” Knowing this keeps your spirit alive until you can start healing from the paralyzing sadness of loss. Through practical and sometimes surprising suggestions on ways to move forward, Emerging from the Heartache of Loss shows you how to start smiling again. This heartfelt resource is a companion for anyone who is facing a major loss, whether through death of a loved one or through the many changes we all have to face throughout our lives.

A Glimpse Inside

Sobbing: Crying often, and doing it well, is essential to healing your heart. Holding back tears denies your humanity.

Allow Yourself to Feel: There is no right or wrong way to feel, nor is there a time limit for feeling it.

Chocolate: A friend bearing cookies on a really bad day holds magic in a bag.

Support Groups: A room full of people holding tissue boxes makes you feel like letting it all hang out. It feels safer when everybody’s doing it.

Humor: Humor helps you survive and get back to the land of the living. Laughing through your tears eventually cancels them out.

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Good Words

“I truly love your book! I know I’ll be buying copies for friends and family for years to come, as well as recommending it to clients. I wish I had something like it for past periods of grief, because it’s so warmly written and accessible.”
Debbie L, Life Coach, Kirkland WA

“This is a beautifully written guidebook for anybody going through a period of loss and grief. Lots of things make us grieve. I haven’t lost a spouse, but over the years I have experienced the breakup of a very long relationship, the loss of family pets who were family to me, loss of job, loss of my community and support network when I’ve moved, among other things. All of these things cause grief.”
Stephanie R, Corvallis OR

“I wish that I had this little book seven years ago when my dear, wonderful husband died. I never fully realized what suffering grief brings. The book describes it all and given practical ways to deal with your feelings, all is such a beautiful way. I had to send one to a grieving friend.”
Cynthia T, Langley WA.