Whenever the subject of exercising comes up, it inevitably includes the word “should”. Maybe because the whole idea seems bigger than it needs to be. For years I’ve just been walking down the hall to a spare room or spare space for half an hour 4 days a week…. in my pajama bottoms and t-shirt. Then I get dressed and walk around the neighborhood for 20 min. Wed. and weekends are off so boredom doesn’t set in, and my routine varies. Mon. and Thur. are for upper body. Tues. and Fri., lower. A bench and a few hand weights line the wall, but even those aren’t necessary. Secrets that makes exercising easier: back strengthening is a priority; doing every movement slowly, both up AND down, means fewer reps (less time, yea!); and don’t skip unless you absolutely have to. Small effort brings big changes. Amazingly, this Steady Eddie routine has made me stronger than I was 30 years ago.