Watching Olympic athletes do their stuff this month was a vivid reminder of how important passion is in our lives. (ice dancing my favorite, of course.) Seeing such excitement reignited my determination to live more fully focused on what I actually LIKE instead of what I HAVE to do.     
Athletic precision aside, it’s important for us everyday folks to discover what lights us up. Doing something you love — for even one hour — is a powerful stress reliever. You not only get relief from the pressures of life, but the pleasure it brings gets those little endorphins milling about. Look at how many of us were glued to the TV for those two weeks of passion in the extreme. Watching someone else have a good time makes me smile every time. Joy is contagious.
It doesn’t take much to lift my own spirits. Just a nip of pleasure goes a long way. Aside from the big ones — treasured time with family and partner dancing — I love good conversation, waffles with berries on Sat. morning, and a good movie + popcorn. And….. the treasure hunt of thrift shopping. You just never know what someone else got tired of. Surprising to some, my list never includes travel since simple is what I do best. 
I use the word “passion” here to describe anything of interest that you look forward to, that’s not related to work or anything work-like. Something you just feel like doing. Discovering our bliss is harder for those of us who’ve never taken much time to think about ourselves. Thinking about someone else’s needs first is a habit that mommies develop and is sometimes hard to let go of. 
My criteria is simple; you’re doing that you love when time slips away seamlessly, two hours can pass in what seems like two minutes. A 30-minute workout seems like three hours sometimes, but when I dance, it’s the opposite. Those three hours fly by in a flash because I’m doing what I love, and pleasure apparently trumps fatigue.