For years, no matter what the situation, a dozen questions pop into my head. I’m quite famous for this in my family and decided at some point that this deficit trait skill tendency was a good thing. I’m simply extra curious and love to learn. Basically, dying to know stuff.
The beginning of the school year is significant even though I don’t have children at home anymore. Seeing that bright yellow school bus on the road again snaps a summer brain out of its lazy mode into my own year of learning. This brain becomes more fertile as fair weather distractions start disappearing.
Going through the motions of daily life for years digs a deep rut that’s hard to climb out of sometimes. You do the same things the same way, and unknowingly get stuck thinking it’s the only way. My epiphany was realizing that my way wasn’t the only way… or even the best way. This mental shift opened my mind to where I started always looking for a better way to see and do everything. What’s weird is discovering something that’s been right under your nose forever. You just never thought of it. That hit-yourself-in-the-head moment when you think, “Duh, how could I have not known this?”
My children are much smarter than me. Let’s face it. The clue came years ago when their knowing nods indicated they already knew whatever I was telling them. Actually, I love it and learn all the time from them. This, on top of classes, workshops, internet, books, TV, conversations, and simple observation means learning opportunities are everywhere. My birthday present to myself this year will again be two private dance lessons from a ballroom professional. Learning a better way to move my body to the music is very exciting.
The word “better” is relative. Better for you may not be better for me. Moving leaves around with a leaf blower is efficient to my husband because it’s fast (and he’s a boy and with a toy, after all), but it’s so LOUD and oooh, that vibration. Rakes and brooms are silent, cheaper, smaller, and… burn calories.
Striving for your very own better makes life easier, with less mental conflict, anxiety and stress. The upgrade usually translates to simpler, and taking complicated out of life is so freeing.