Show up wearing a cool pair of earrings and you got me. In fact, I may notice these before I even see your face. The jiggle, the color, the shape or the shine always makes me smile. De-cluttering my life is one thing, de-cluttering the earrings I’ve succumb to over the years is quite another. I just love ‘em. 
To all those who face a jumbled mass of interconnected hoops and loops in the morning, welcome to my jewelry niche. This LifeTweak is not earth shaking or soul searching, but it does make getting ready for the day easier if you wear pierced earrings. I share this clearly female suggestion in response to the frustration I’ve heard from women over the years. 
Pictured here is simply an embroidery hoop stretched with netting. This large bamboo 14” round with white netting took only 30 minutes to make. Just lay the hoop over a length of netting and cut around the shape, leaving several inches of overlap so you can grab and stretch it tight. That part is important. You can cut it neatly after you’re done and decide how much of it you want showing around the edges. Hoops come in different sizes of rounds, ovals and squares. Also different colors, as does netting. 

This crafty idea not only organizes hook earrings, but makes a colorful decoration for the corner of a bathroom or bedroom wall. Notice that I have somewhat of a color scheme thing going on. Gold in one corner, red in another and so on. Also notice one of my favorites near the center: blue beads and porcupine quills! 

For your studs and hoops, here’s another fantabulous idea: ice cube trays. One pair per compartment makes it easy to scoop them out. A friend clued me in years ago, but she was a neatnik and kept hers out of sight in a drawer. Sadly, I have no such finesse. Convenience is my priority, so mine sits out in the open for all to view who happen into my bathroom — mostly nobody. Notice an extra compartment holds my other treasure necessity, chapstick. 

Just a little posting from one earring lover to the next. Any and all tweaks that make a day run smooth are game.