Tom Trimbath and I rockin’

One of my readers gave me this tip, which I didn’t think I needed. But I do. I’m realizing more and more that I start each day with this question in my head “What do I have to do today?” This perspective automatically pushes anything pleasurable to the bottom of the list. I learned, like so many others, that work always comes before pleasure… Work Ethic 101.

The constant busyness, and all the fallout that entails with our health and relationships, seems to be Work Ethic run amok. I actively work against it because I strive to be healthy. Face it, it feels good to feel good.
The trick is to trick your brain by changing your perspective about being “idle”.  If you view free time as productive time, you won’t feel guilty and get busy again. This is, when you think about it, a valuable time because constant anxiety and stress on body and mind is killing us. At the very least, it creates a life that has little contentment or joy. Haven’t you noticed that tense faces do not smile much? For the sake of your mental AND physical rejuvenation, consider planning free time right into your schedule like you do any other activity. I spend some of mine dancing. What a mood changer it is.