I’ve harped on clearing your clutter over the years because I believe it’s an important step to simplifying your life and reducing stress. Deciding what to do with extra stuff, or even recognizing that it as extra, is difficult. You don’t even notice it any more after looking at it for years. There’s no doubt that de-cluttering takes effort. And sentimental clutter is hardest of all… to sort through, to part with. The person who gave it to you is dear. Or you feel like getting rid of it is like getting rid of them. Here’s another perspective for you to consider: By cluttering your living space with things not pertinent in YOUR life, you are honoring others instead of yourself. One solution is to gather up sentimental favorites and choose a place – maybe a special cabinet or chest. This way you can visit occasionally without having to part ways. Your living space is clearer, but your heart is still intact.