I spent hours writing a lengthy post about the importance of sleep and how to get a better night of it, and information about germs and winter and soap and such. Then I read what I’d written? Borrrrring! I do love that delete key. Most everybody knows this stuff anyway, but the “flu shot” sign posted on the door of my drugstore this week reminded me which season I was entering and I wanted to play it forward.
Clean hands + plenty of sleep is a simple pair that helps combat the nasties. Colds and flus are minor inconveniences in the larger scheme of things, but sometimes it’s the little things that are the most aggravating. And working on this tweak might ease the effects of stress in the coming months.
Washing my hands more was a hard habit to develop, but now I try and remember at least every time I come back home, whether it’s from working, Waltzing, shopping, meetings, volunteering, or whatever shapes my days.
When I got bronchitis last year — and the year before that and the year before that — I asked the doc how I could best take care of my immune system. Her answer was quick, “Sleep. That’s when you body repairs itself.” I’ve taken that advice to heart and notice how much shorter my ills are when I, basically, do nothing but lay around for a couple of days. (photo: No one even cared when I took up a full seat on the ferry ride off my island last year) I considered it lazy and a luxury at first — who has time to lay around when it’s only sneezing, snorting and sniffling — but eventual experimentation made me see the light. It’s hard to remember, especially when you’re not feeling quite lousy enough to stay home, but I know that co-workers and dance partners are always grateful when I decide to keep germs to myself.
You wouldn’t think we’d need to be reminded of such simple things, but simple is not always so easy in a full and distracted life. I’m continually striving for simple: I’m proud to say that this post is now 300 words instead of 650!
Remember: Sleep more. Wash hands often. But not at the same time.