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Getting smart takes time. I’m startled when a simple solution dawns on me because it seems soooo obvious. How could I have not thought of it before? The expression “DUH” is perfect for me because getting smart has only been coming in dribbles so far. It’s taking what feels like a lifetime because, like most people, I’ve kept myself too busy in the past for good ideas to break through easily. Skulls are thick, so to speak. Life is constant revelation, but revelation depends on reducing stress and slowing your life down enough to provide a little thinking time.
There are so many little things that can make life better, so many ways to sabotage yourself by doing the same dumb thing over and over and over. Just this morning I moved a piece of furniture over 2 feet. I’ve been bumping into it or walking around it for five years because it looked better there. A tiny little annoyance is now gone and it feels great. Trivia matters. The surprisingly lesson was to suddenly realize that I was putting how it looked for others before my own convenience. I matter. Duh… again.
Another battle with simplification comes every Tues. when I sit down to write this blog. Sadly, I have way too much to say, on just about everything. Honing it down to the palatable version is a constant challenge. But brief is always better and the challenge keeps synapses firing.
Life is complicated and full of things that keep adrenaline pumping, so presenting simple possibilities to make life better is not only challenging and fun, but serious business for me. Personally, I’m planning to live until my 100th birthday or there abouts, but want to do it with a smile still on my face. And smiling’s hard when a body’s feeling lousy.
Got any good ideas lately?