You probably don’t think it’s a big deal that last night, or last week, or your whole life, you laid awake for hours with your brain still buzzing. If you get used to going through your days on 5 hours of sleep, you wouldn’t notice anything wrong. They say that the majority of us are sleep deprived and I can prove it. The difference in my mental state after a full night’s sleep is huge. Simply put, I see the world differently. I’m in a better mood, calmer, and more positive about everything. Solutions actually start pop into my head and I have more patience. These noticeable changes prove to me the importance of sleep, of adequately resting my body and brain every single day. I try to remember that my bedroom is the most important room in the house and that sleep has to be it’s main focus. A great pillow, soothing color, no tv, no computer, and great piece of art to wake up to. Flowers on the dresser would be good, but that’s harder to remember. And cost too much if you don’t have your own garden. I know that change is harder when you have young children or major worries using up all your energy but, trust me, moving “sleep” up on your priority list will be worth it.