This is a difficult Clue to write; I suspect I’m wasting my breath. After all, what woman do you know who DOESN’T color her hair? In creating Clues to help simplify the lives of the women on my mailing list, I reflected on how much time and money we spend over the years spraying, moussing, perming, blowing, curling, coloring, and whining. The fortune I’ve spent could have financed my own new car instead of my beautician’s. I hit the wall, and my decision to stop was difficult but oh so freeing. Bucking current fashion seems like a huge risk, but ask yourself What’s wrong with my own, natural hair? Or why is gray so bad? And why aren’t men so obsessed about their hair? The fretting and fawning and constant threat of bad hair days is mostly over for me. I do still control that wild animal look with mousse, but I’m happily amassing a gorgeous collection of barrettes and such. By the way, there’s a reason pony tails were invented.