Uncle Charley, perhaps?

October’s Moment is here, Halloween. Even though it’s early, here’s a little something I found to entertain the neighbors throughout the month. I’m remembering past celebrations and all the ghoulish high jinx we sprang on the neighbors. A giant stuffed spider rigged to drop down in front of trick or treaters. A smoking coffin on the porch with a dummy inside. Headstones on the lawn with the names of neighbor kids. Back in my 20’s we had our own Halloween party. I was a candy cane. Where I came up with this idea, I haven’t a clue. Picture this: Entire body, head to toe, was covered with white long underwear. Red ribbon carefully spiraled up legs, arms and torso. Red ribbons in hair. Oh, how I wish I had a photo of that!

I’m also trying to remember when that kind of playful thinking stopped. When did life start looking like a business, everyday starting with the question “What do I HAVE to do today?” Obligations and responsibilities accumulated until some days I felt like a robot. Sadly, it’s a lifestyle habit that’s been hard to break.

I deeply appreciate people with a sense of humor. And I’m scared of curmudgeonism. It creeps up so gradually, though, that I haven’t even realized I’ve been taking life, and myself, much too seriously. But it’s not too late!


Samba, anyone?

Dressing up isn’t for everyone, but having fun is. Halloween is a perfect reminder to inject more fun into your life! Laughing is a subject dear to my heart because, after all, humor not only feels great but it gets you through the rough stuff.

Guess what I’m wearing to the Oct. dance? (hint: think happy legs)

Retrieve your child… Ignite your passion… Laugh. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!