When did the fun stop? The apparent nature of adulthood gets me down sometimes. I’m always surprised at the number of scrinched up noses when the word “costume” is even hinted at. Is it because people are afraid they’ll look silly? But isn’t that the point? I’ve often shown up as the only one dressed for the occasion, so I got discouraged and eventually joined the curmudgeon-ism that so often embeds in people as they age. Then when I moved to a house with no trick or treaters, I quit trying.
Having children in the house is such a perfect chance for family fun. The costuming and carving possibilities are endless and activate creative juices, even if you’re pretty sure you don’t have any. My son and his family, shown here, have this ritual down pat.
I remember long ago making myself into a candy cane for a Halloween party. I wore head-to-toe white, with white turtleneck and long johns. Bought yards and yards of red ribbon and spiraled myself into a candy cane, tacking it in strategic places. (How I wish I had a picture!) I’ve been a cowgirl, a flapper, a pirate, lumberjack and, on many occasions, the witchiest of witches. Of course, there’s the year we conjured up a surprising trio shown here: Dracula, Ghost, and Nun!  
When my children were young, well…..  There was the year we carved styrofoam headstones and turned our front lawn into a graveyard, scribing the names of neighborhood kids on each one. (RIP Reid Langton) The next year we stuffed straw into my hushand’s clothes and put our “body” in a casket on the porch, with dry ice billowing from below. Then there was the year we stuffed a giant spider to hang over our front door with a string threaded through to the inside. We peeked out and lowered it on to the heads of older treaters. We were on a roll and I miss it.
I’ve blamed my wet-blanketness on the adults around me, but the truth is I’ve “allowed” this deadening to take me over like an alien pea pod. There’s a token pumpkin on the porch, but I can’t be bothered to even carve it this year. I’m finally admitting this to myself because I know how important it is to hang on to our playful side as we get older. And Halloween is a golden opportunity. Laughter plays a pretty important part in combatting stress and is a great relaxation technique. Better health pretty much depends on it.
Laugh lines look better than frown lines