Piggybacking my last Clue… now that you’ve made a teeny dent in converting your living space to more of a sanctuary, you could go a step further and plan a summer vacation at home for a change. Personally, we’ve been thinking about this lately because money is tight, but here’s another brilliant reason for “going nowhere” — getting to know your neighbors. Block parties were something people used to do back in the day when money and options were more scarce.  Here’s my case for a comeback. Besides great fun, your neighborhood will be safer; people take notice more when they get to know each other. If you’re not paying attention to what’s already around you, you could be missing an easy opportunity for friendship, help, and something fun to do on a Sunday afternoon. I’ve lived in quite a few neighborhoods and know first hand how comforting it is to have someone close by in case you need a hand or last minute cooking ingredient. And… you don’t have to drive home after sharing margaritas! I realize not everyone lives in a friendly neighborhood or apartment building, but it’s an idea that might be possible for some of you.